Honeywell Quantum Computer

Honeywell to create world’s most powerful quantum computer

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Honeywell announced that it will be rolled out one of the most powerful quantum computers of modern times. It will be even more powerful than Google’s and IBM’s quantum computers. Honeywell worked over a decade to develop the quantum computer with a quantum volume of at least 64.

Honeywell says its quantum computer is most powerful as it has double the quantum volume as compare to existing ones. The quantum computer could be used for fraud detection and developing new pharmaceuticals.

“Quantum volume is currently the fairest metric for demonstrating a quantum computer’s full capabilities,” VentureBeat quoted Honeywell Quantum president Tony Uttley. “It goes beyond simple qubit number to identify the size of the problem that a quantum computer is capable of running. It accounts for error, cross talk, and qubit connectivity, in addition to the number of qubits.”

In addition, Honeywell is also partnering with JP Morgon, Cambridge Quantum Computing (CQC) and Zapata Computing to develop a new quantum computing algorithm for financial services. It is also partnering Microsoft so that users can utilize Azure quantum features.

“Our expectation is that the quantum volume is on a trajectory for a 10-fold increase in quantum volume every year for the next five years,” said Uttley. “We are applying precision control to quantum computing to get the most out of a Qbit and drive quantum volume.”



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