ISRO private launch

Private sectors are allowed to launch space missions: ISRO


ISRO chairman K. Sivan said private players can now participate in space-related activities. They can launch space missions, build rockets, launch satellites, and more. Private players can also manufacture the components and supply them to ISRO. Sivan believes that a new policy will help the system more robust and stable.

In addition, Union Cabinet to set up a new arm of the space organization–Indian National Space Promotion and Authorisation Centre (IN-SPACe). The IN-SPACe will work under the Department of Space (DoS). It will be a totally independent body and evaluate space-related activities in the country.

Sivan said IN-SPACe will take around 6-months to become fully operational. Until then, the private sector can apply their applications via DoS. Sivan said ISRO will also share their technical expertise with private players.

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