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ISRO released 3D visuals of the moon’s crater

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ISRO has released a new 3D visuals of the lunar surface. Chandrayaan’s Terrain Mapping Camera-2 has captured a 3D view of a crater on the moon.

The image includes – Craters (formed by impactors), Lava tubes (potential sites for future habitability), Rilles (furrows formed by lava channels or collapsed lava tubes), Dorsa or wrinkle ridges (formed mostly in Mare regions depicting cooling of and contraction of basaltic lava), Graben structures (depicts the structural dislocations on the lunar surface) and Lunar Domes/ Cones (denoting localised vents of past volcanism on the Moon).

“Have a look at a 3D view of a crater imaged by TMC-2 of #Chandrayaan2. TMC-2 provides images at 5m spatial resolution & stereo triplets (fore, nadir and aft views) for preparing DEM of the complete lunar surface,” ISRO tweeted on its Twitter timeline.



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