ISRO has unveiled a Humanoid Robot Vyomitra

ISRO unveils Humanoid Robot Vyomitra for unmanned Gaganyaan mission


ISRO has unveiled a Humanoid Robot Vyomitra that will be sent in the space with unmanned Gaganyaan mission. Vyomitra is a half-humanoid robot and has only upper body part. It will be used as a passenger for the unmanned Gaganyaan test mission. In addition, it will carry out tests and experiments in the space.

Vyomitra is designed at the Isro’s Inertial Systems Unit in Thiruvananthapuram. She is very intelligent and smart. She can check the system’s parameters including temperature, pressure levels, and oxygen availability. She can also communicate with astronauts and responds to their queries. The data collected by Vyomitra will be used for the manned mission of Gaganyaan.

“We are on schedule and we are going to do a lot of demonstration tests this year. After the demonstration test, we will conduct our first unmanned mission by this year-end. The half humanoid that you saw today is going to simulate the human systems to that understand how the human system will behave, how the life support system will behave. So that way the mission is on schedule,” ISRO chairman K Sivan said.

Gaganyaan mission will aim to send a three-person crew to space for a period of seven days where they will do microgravity experiments. ISRO will use the GSLV Mk-III rocket for the mission. Prime Minister Narender Modi himself ask ISRO to complete the mission by 2022.



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