ISRO's Mangalyaan captures images of Mars's moon Phobos

ISRO’s Mangalyaan captures images of Mars’s moon Phobos


On Friday, ISRO shared the latest images of Mars’s moon Phobos. ISRO’s Mars Orbitor Mission (MoM) captured images when it was about 7,200 km from Mars and 4,200 km from Phobos.

ISRO tweeted the images on their Twitter timeline, “A recent image of the mysterious moon of Mars, Phobos, as captured by India’s Mars Orbiter Mission.”

The image shows Mars’s largest crater–Stickney. Along with Stickney, there are several other craters including Shklovsky, Roche & Grildrig are also visible in the image. Phobos is mainly made up of carbonaceous chondrites.

ISRO launched the MoM mission on November 5, 2013, using PSLV rocket from Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh. The aim of the mission was to study the Mars surface and analyzed the minerals and composition of its atmosphere. It has five sensors onboard–Lyman Alpha Photometer (LAP), Methane Sensor for Mars (MSM), Mars Exospheric Neutral Composition Analyser (MENCA), Mars Colour Camera (MCC) and Thermal Infrared Imaging Spectrometer (TIS).

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