Qualcomm launches the new chip with support of NavIC

Qualcomm launches the new chip with support of NavIC


Chipset maker Qualcomm has released a new chip that supports NavIC. The NavIC is a global positioning system (GPS) developed by ISRO.

ISRO said in a press statement, “The release of chipsets will help accelerate the adoption of NavIC by smartphone OEMs. The OEMs can now release any new models for the Indian market which are NavIC enabled, thus eventually making NavIC as a standard feature in the upcoming handsets, applications, processors, etc. It will also enhance the geolocation capabilities of smartphones within the coverage region of NavIC.”

A few days back, ISRO also confirmed that the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), an international organization that maintains standards for mobile services, has approved the usage of NavIC in smartphones.

NavIC is an operative name ISRO’s Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS). It has been developed for terrestrial, aerial and marine navigation. In addition, it can also be used during disaster management, vehicle tracking, and fleet management a terrestrial navigation aid for hikers and travelers and more.

NavIC will provide accurate location updates within the 20-meter range. Initially, NavIC will provide services with Indian territory and region extending up to 1500km from its boundary. NavIC will provide two kinds of services — Standard Positioning Service (SPS), to all users, and Restricted Service (RS), an encrypted geolocation service for only authorized users.



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