Dell Alienware Concept UFO

CES 2020: Dell Alienware Concept UFO is a portable gaming PC

CES 2020
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At CES 2020, Dell unveiled a prototype design of a portable gaming PC. The portable gaming PC looks like similar to Nintendo Switch.

The Alienware Concept UFO is an 8-inch HD tablet (1900 x 1200) and detachable controllers on the sides. You can also play with a traditional controller using the display. It will run on Intel 10th generation processor.

In terms of design, the Concept UFO comes with a large flat 8-inch touch screen and all-white with black buttons and illuminated thumbsticks. On the back, there is a kickstand to place the Concept UFO on the table.

Since it is a windows PC, it can be attached to an external monitor or TV and users can play using a controller or a mouse and keyboard. users can also access Steam, Epic Games, Rockstar or other digital stores in order to access the game library.

Since it is still a prototype, there are very little chance the device will release this year. We are hoping that it will launch somewhere in the second half of next year.



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