Samsung announces T7 Touch SSD

Samsung announces T7 Touch SSD with fingerprint recognition

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Samsung has announced Portable Solid State Drive (SSD) T7 Touch that offers that fastest transfer speed based on the USB 3.2 Gen 2 standard. Samsung’s new T7 Touch can be used to store images, songs, documents, games, and even 4K/8K videos.

Samsung claims, the T7 offers the fastest Read and Write speed compared to HDD. It can offer up to read speed of 1,050MB/s and a write speed of 1,000MB/s. The T7 is approximately twice as fast as its predecessor, the T5, and up to 9.5 times faster than external HDDs. It also features a ‘Motion LED’, which allows the user to determine the status of the device. The T7 Touch SSD is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Android operating systems. For connectivity options, the drive comes with a USB Type-C-to-C cable and a USB Type-C-to-A cable.

The T7 Touch will be available in over 30 countries. The drive with 500GB will cost $129.99, the 1TB version will cost $229.99, and for 2TB you have to pay $399.99. The t& Touch will be in a black or silver finish.



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