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Disney+ Hotstar has around 8 million paid subscribers in India

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Disney claimed that its streaming app Disney+ Hotstar has around 8 million paid subscribers. The app was launched last week and within a week it managed to attract 8 million paid subscribers in the country. Disney also announced it has more than 50 million paid subscribers globally.

In India, the streaming app has more than 300 million users. The Hotstar was launched by Star India but later acquired by the Disney by a whopping deal of $71 billion.

Disney+ is not launched as a separate app but instead, it merged with the existing Hotstar app. The entire Disney+ catalog can be accessed by the Hotstar app. It will also feature movies and shows from the HBO, CBS, ABC, Pixar, National Geographic and many more.

The company offers three subscription plans to the users. These are as follows:

Basic is an ad-supported free plan
VIP Plan 399/annum (earlier it was 365/annum)
Premium Plan: 1499/annum or 299/month (earlier it was 999/annum or 199/month)



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