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Disney CEO: The Mandalorian Season 2 won’t be delayed

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The Mandalorian Season 2 is on track and will release on the scheduled date in October this year, Disney CEO Bob Chepak. While talking to CNBC, Disney CEO, Bob Chepak said, “They’ll no delays on Mandalorian.”

The season 2 was announced before the pandemic Coronavirus. For the past some time, fans are wondering whether the show will release on time. According to Chepak, fortunately, the show had wrapped up production in the early March, before outbreak. The show is now in the post-production stage. As of result of the Coronavirus outbreak, most Hollywood Studios postponed or shifted the release of the movies.

On asked why the outbreak is not impacting the shows’ timeline, Chepak said, “We have a certain amount of inventory for Disney+ that is fueling the machine. Pre-production –the development phase– can still happen during these times of lockdown, post-production can still happen.”

Season 1 of Mandalorian was released on May 4 and season 2 is scheduled to premiere in October. The Star Wars Clone got instant success when it released on Disney+.



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