What is Techpwynt?

About a year ago, we started a journey. We launched a site where you can get any technology related news, science news or any other news from the gadgets world. Covering from small startups to big tech giants like Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google and space organizations including ISRO, NASA, SpaceX many more.

Techpwynt.com publish articles by our own team of editors and reviewers and these articles are read by thousands of visitors every month.

Where can I follow Techpwynt on social media?

You can connect us on via various social handles:

@Techpwynt_1 on Twitter
Techpwynt on Facebook
Techpwynt on YouTube
Techpwynt on Instagram

What are the criteria to choose and publish the article on the Techpwynt?

We cover technology and gadgets related news from across the world. Our area of interest includes software, technology, science, artificial intelligence, gaming, robots, services, gadgets. We cover stories which impact the users and the world.

Do companies pay you to review their products? Do you keep the gadgets your review?

We don’t do any paid promotion. Our team review the products and gadgets and tries to give an honest unbiased opinion. We don’t charge any money or amount from the companies.

Are you hiring?

Sometimes! When we have a full-time opening, we’ll post it on our social media account and our company page https://www.techpwynt.com/jobs.