Apple’s HomePod will be available in China by next year

Apple’s HomePod will be available in China by next year

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Apple’s HomePod will be available for sale in China early next year. The HomePod reached France, Canada, and Germany in June, for instance, and Mexico and Spain in October. Customers in China cannot place an order for their HomePod yet, but a new product page and store listing on Apple’s website has gone live. Apple doesn’t offer a specific shipping date, specifying only a release during “early 2019.”

The price for the speaker has been set at CNY 2,799 which translates to approximately Rs 28,800 in India. The Hong Kong website announced a similar move. The speaker will cost HK $2,799 ($358), according to the website, roughly in line with pricing in the U.S. and other countries.

Apple is working to keep its Siri voice assistant relevant in the face of competition from Amazon’s Alexa and Alphabet’s Google Assistant, both of which are featured on smart speakers from those companies.

So far, the HomePod hasn’t sold well compared with the company’s other accessories like the AirPods. But continued international expansion will likely improve its prospects. Loup Ventures estimates that Apple will sell about 20 million HomePods a year by 2025, compared with Google selling nearly 200 million units and Amazon shipping about 138 million units that year.

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