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GoPro hero 8 Black announced; price, specifications

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GoPro Hero 8 Black is finally announced by the company. The camera is the successor of Hero 7 Black. The Hero 8 Black features whole new frameless design inbuilt mounting fingers.

The GoPro Hero 8 Black is available for Rs. 36,500 at select retail partners starting Sunday 20 October. The device is available for pre-order at beginning October 1.

The first new design change you will notice is that Hero 8 now has built-in mounting fingers. These two ‘folding fingers’ hinge out from the base of the GoPro and fit directly to the mount or whatever accessory you choose to use. This means you’ll no longer need a “frame” mount to connect it to accessories. The position of the microSD card slot is also moved to the right side along with USB-C port. It means now you can swap the battery and change the microSD card when it is still mounted.

The second change is the camera lens cover is non-removable. The lens is made up of Gorilla Glass which is quite tough if you compare it with previous models. So you will not require to replace the lens.

GoPro also announces three modular accessories that can be used alongside Hero 8 Black. The Display Mod is an external 1.9-inch display, which can fold in the front or back. It costs $79.99 (~Rs. 5,680). The Light Mod optimizes lighting when vlogging in low light. It costs $49.99 (~Rs. 3,540). The Media Mod boosts audio with a shotgun mic and it costs $79.99 (~ Rs. 5,680).

HyperSmooth 2.0 is the biggest update in the camera. The new version of Hypersmooth 2.0 is more improved, stabilized and works across all resolutions and frame rates. In addition, you also now further increase the level of stabilization by running HyperSmooth 2.0 in High or Boost setting.

The camera also got new Timewarp mode – which creates time-lapse (2x, 5x, etc.) videos – to automatically adjust the video’s speed dependant on the rate of the camera’s motion and the lighting conditions. There’s also a “real-time” button on-screen for changing the mode from TimeWarp to regular video.

GoPro added two new features to Hero 8 Black– Digital Lenses and Capture Presets. Digital Lenses is a new home for all the different fields of view settings (SuperView, Wide, Linear and — new for the Hero 8 — Narrow). Capture Presets is the home for preset settings.

Users can shoot video at up to 100 megabits per second – which delivers improved higher-quality images. In video mode, the camera offers four videos presets. These presets are called Standard, Activity, Cinematic and Slo-Mo.

The default video presets are:

Standard: ideal for slower moving objects, shoot videos at 1080
Activity: ideal for shooting fast-moving objects with a resolution of 2.7k and a frame-rate of 60fps
Cinematic: Shoot videos at the maximum 4K video resolution with a 16:9
Slo-Mo: Creates HD video with a frame rate of 240FPS

Similarly, four default photo presets are:

Photo: captures a single, unprocessed image
LiveBurst: records the moments 1.5 seconds before and after, after you press the shutter button
Burst: records a rapid succession of images at 30FPS when you depress the shutter
Night: automatically uses slower shutter speeds allowing you to record images in very low light.

Hero 8 Black comes with voice control and can recognize voice commands. It is compatible with the GoPro Quik app. You can connect your app with Hero 8 Black using Bluetooth. The app lets you control your new GoPro via your device. Using the app you can live stream to YouTube and Facebook. It also allows to offload your content locally or to GoPro’s cloud service.



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