Fossil Solar watch

Fossil Solar Watch launched in India

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Fossil solar watch arrives in India. The USP of the watch is that it can be charged through sunlight.

The watch comes in two sizes 36mm and 42mm. Like all other smartwatches, it can track your daily routine and fitness exercise such as running, cycling, yoga, walking, and more. It is also compatible with smartphones and can be used to check the phone’s notifications.

The outer ring of the watch acts as a solar panel that captures sunlight and converts it to energy using a solar cell beneath the cell. Once it gets fully charged, the watch can last for 4-months. The watch can be fully charged in 5-hours with sunlight. When the watch will low on battery, the second hand will start moving at two-second intervals instead of its normal one-second intervals, thereby suggesting the user recharge it.

The company has partnered with Ecomatcher. As part of the partnership, the company will plant a tree in honor of each person who will purchase a watch. The buyer will get to choose the name of the plant, see the location of the planted tree, and monitor its CO2 performance.

Fossil Solar Watch

The watch is available at a starting price of Rs. 9,955 and can be purchased via Fossil’s online as well as offline stores. The watch ships with five full-through straps which are made with yarn spun from approximately 16 plastic bottles.

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