Google Android Security Key authentication

Google Android Security Key authentication can be used in iOS and iPad

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Google on Wednesday, Announced that its Android Security Key Authentication can be used on iOS and iPad. It is used to verify your sign-in to Google and Google Cloud services on Bluetooth-enabled Chrome OS, macOS, and Windows 10 devices.

For the Android security key to work, iPhone and iPad users need the Google Smart Lock app installed and an old Android device. As of now, Android security key is limited to sign-ins to Google accounts only.

How to use the feature:

1.) On a computer, sign in to your Google account and visit the 2-step verification page (make sure you’ve signed up for 2SV).
2.) Click on ‘Add Security Key’ on the 2-step verification page.
3.) Pick your Android smartphone from the list of available devices.
4.) Turn on Bluetooth on your Android and iOS devices.
5.) Sign in to your Google account using the Google Smart Lock app on your iPhone or iPad.
6.) Check your Android smartphone, it’ll receive a notification.
7.) Follow the instructions on your Android phone to confirm your log in.

In May, Google introduced the Android phone to be used as a physical security key. For Android, to activate an Android device’s security key, a customer just needs a phone running Android 7+ and a Bluetooth-enabled Chrome OS, macOS X, or Windows 10 computer with a Chrome browser. The user needs to connect the phone over Bluetooth to a Chrome browser and verify your logins.

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