Huawei announces its first wireless speaker

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Chinese tech giant Huawei has launched its first wireless speaker. Huawei partnered with French audio brand Deevialet for Huawei Sound X, a wireless speaker.

The Huawei Sound X comes with Devialet’s patented signal-processing SAM(R) (Speaker Active Matching) technology and iconic Push-Push symmetrical structure (the technology places two high-power speakers symmetrically so that their back wave vibrations cancel each other out) for superior audio quality.

To offer seamless interaction with your smart device, Sound X comes with features like Apple AirPlay. Gently tapping your phone against the Sound X transmits audio from the phone to the speaker. And the lossless, low-latency audio can be further bolstered by a proprietary EMUI 10.1.

For connectivity, the speaker comes with wi-fi and Bluetooth options. With those connectivity options, you can connect your smartphone or any smart device to the Sound X. Huawei’s first wireless speaker will be available in summer 2020.



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