OnePlus 8-series to come with Always-on-Display feature

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OnePlus is likely to launch, new OnePlus 8-series in April. In response to users’ feedback, OnePlus has finally decided to bring the Always-on-Display feature to existing and new OnePlus 8-series.

OnePlus confirmed that their product team is working on the feature. The feature first appeared on OnePlus 6 but the company quickly removed it due to battery concerns. Always-on-Display consumes some battery. Experts believe that with Always-on_Display feature will drain up to 1-2 hours of battery life.

Currently, OnePlus phones feature an Ambient Display feature. The phone shows basic information and notifications when users tap on the display or slightly lift the phone. Always-On-Display is slightly better than Ambient Display and shows contextual information without actually handling the phone.



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