Philips Hue A21 smart bulb is brighter than its predecessor


Signify, a parent company of Philips Hue added few more products to the Philips Hue line. It has launched 5-new products but the main attraction was Philips Hue A21 bulb. It is brighter and bigger than its predecessor.

Philips Hue A21 smartbulb features

It comes with a 1,600-lumen output which is equivalent to the 100W bulb. On the contrary standard Hue, the bulb produces brightness equivalent to 60W. It can illuminate your kitchen, garage, drawing room, or other areas. The bulb comes with Bluetooth support so you can control it with your smartphone without requiring any hub.

The Philips Hue A21 smart bulb launched in just single white color light. It will be available for $20 (~Rs. 1,500) starting July 2020. The original Philips Hue A19 is available at $15 (~Rs. 1,100).

Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus

The Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus can be used as a single strip or can be cut into different small pieces. It comes with Bluetooth supports so it means you won’t require the Hub Bridge to work. A 2-meter Lightstrip Plus will cost at $80 (~Rs. 5,600) while 1-meter will be available at $25 (~Rs. 1,875) starting this week.

Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus

Philips Hue Bloom lamp

Alongside those two products, Philips also announced the Hue Bloom table lamp. It comes with Bluetooth support and has white light. The lamp can offer brightness up to 500 lumens and color temperature can be varied between 2,000K to 6,500K. It will be available for $70 (~Rs. 5,250) starting July.

Philips Hue Bloom lamp

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