LG is working on rotating display smartphone

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LG is reportedly working on a new smartphone that might feature a rotating display. The phone is codenamed “Wing” and is spotted by the Korean Website ETNews. It is not a typical dual-screen smartphone.

The smartphone resembles a letter “T” and will feature a dual-display. The primary display will be 6.8-inch and the secondary display will be of 4-inch. The secondary display will appear when you rotate the primary display in a horizontal direction. The 4-inch secondary display will be used for multiple tasks. For instance, if you reply to a mail or message then secondary display will show the keyboard, similarly, if you view a photo on the primary display, then secondary display will show editing tools. Alternatively, you would use the primary display while watching a video while the secondary display to reply to a mail.

In terms of hardware, the report indicates that the phone is likely to be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 7-series processor. It will feature a triple camera setup with 64-megapixel primary sensor.



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