WhatsApp Dark Mode is coming soon to Android And iOS devices

WhatsApp Dark Mode is coming soon to Android And iOS devices

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WhatsApp app for Android and iOS could soon get Dark mode. The Dark Mode on WhatsApp will save the users’ eyes from the screen glare and will also save the battery of the users’ devices. This new information about the dark mode on WhatsApp has been made public by the popular blog updating information about WhatsApp, WABetaInfo.

According to WABetaInfo, the dark mode is still in development and there’s no launch time as of now. In a tweet, WABetaInfo said: “It’s still under development and there is no news now.” WhatsApp has not officially said anything on whether the dark mode is being developed for the users.

Prior to this, Facebook rolled out Dark mode for Messenger. YouTube released this feature for Android phones earlier this year. Now, it looks like WhatsApp is next in line. Though WhatsApp for Android and iOS is expected to get Android mode soon, an exact date is unclear at this point.

Whatsapp recently released pretty amazing features. According to reports, Whatsapp now working on the feature of accessing the videos directly from the notifications. With this feature, users will not need to open an app to view the videos on the Whatsapp app and they will be able to play videos directly from the notifications. Currently, notifications only come up on the screen with the name of the person and a short preview of the top of their message.

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