How to play Google Stadia on Android phone without controller

How to play Google Stadia on Android phone without controller

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Google Stadia is a cloud game streaming service by Google. The Stadia allows users to play games on PC, tablets as well as mobile phones. But to play games you will require a controller. If you don’t have a controller, then you can buy online or use your console’s controller.

There is one more option, and it won’t require any controller to play the game. There is a Chrome extension called TouchStadia. It adds on-screen joystick control to the Stadia games for smartphone devices. The feature can be enabled manually via an extension or by inserting Java snippet code while browsing Stadia on a mobile phone.

How to do a setup

Head over to the and download the Stadia app and sign-in. Alternatively, you can Directly open the Stadia link in the Chrome browser
Go to the Home tab, scroll down to the “Your games” category.
Select any game which you want to play and tap the Play button to start playing the game.

How to create a virtual controller

Visit the site and copy the code for TouchStadia for Android snippet
Go to the home of and choose a game which you wanted to play
Then paste the copied code with prefix as javascript:
It will enable the touch-sensitive controller buttons on the screen


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