Xbox Summer Game Fest

Xbox Summer Game fest will begin on July 21


Amid COVID-19 major game Studios already canceled their game festivals where developers offer new games for early try-on. However, Xbox announced that it will hold Xbox Summer Game Fest starting July 21 and will continue until July 27.

Xbox Summer Game Fest game titles and other details

In the event, Xbox will unveil around 60 unreleased titles that players can play. It won’t be like a regular demo, where developers released nearly finished games. The developers will unveil incomplete games or work-in-progress games such as Destroy All Humans!, Haven, and Hellpoint, Skatebird. The demos will be accessible via dashboard but once the event ends the demos will also disappear.

The full list of games will unveil later in the day. According to Xbox, players will get a chance to try their hands-on up to 100 game titles.

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