Link to Text Fragmentation (1)

Google’s new Chrome extension will allow sharing text as a link


Google released a new Chrome extension that will let users share a piece of text from the webpage in the form of a hyperlink with other users. Clicking on the link will directly take you to the specific text on the webpage.

The extension is called “Link to Text Fragmentation” and is available to download from the Chrome web store. To make the selected text as a hyperlink, just right click and choose “Copy Link to Selected Text.” It will generate a hyperlink, that will be shared with other users having a compatible browser.

Link To Text Fragmentation
Link to Text Fragmentation

Although, it’s possible to copy any piece of text and make it hyperlink it requires a whole lot of manual effort. With the use of the Chrome extension, users can convert any text into a link without any hassle.

Google’s new extension is based on same technology that Google recently launched to highlight the snippets that appears in the info bar when you do any Google search.