Google to soon add end-to-end encryption for RCS messages


Google is working on to implement end-to-end encryption in RCS messages. According to 9to5Google, an internal build of Google Message Version 6.2 hints that Google is working on the end-to-end encryption.

RCS (Rich Communication Service) messaging service is a replacement of old SMS (Short Message Service) service on Android. It includes advanced features such as sending multimedia files, documents, and more. Users can also make video calls directly from the messaging app.

RCS also removes the 160 character limit currently found in SMS. It works on mobile data or Wi-FI. Users can check out the read receipts of individual messages. The only downside of RCS service is that it doesn’t support an end to end encryption, so your messages will be read by anyone (government, FBI). But after end-to-end encryption that issue will also get resolved.



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