Gmail Brand validation

Gmail starts testing brand logo validation to stop phishing


In order to stop phishing and make your Gmail secure, Google announced a pilot project called “Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI)”. It will let organizations authenticate their emails using DMARC, “to validate ownership of their corporate logos and securely transmit them to Google.”

Once they successfully validate the logo and it will pass all Google’s anti-abuse checks then Gmail will start displaying the company’s logo in the avatar slots in Gmail. Google tie-up with two Certification Authorities– Entrust Datacard and DigiCert, to validate logo ownership. The company will get an option to choose whether they want to display the company’s logo or not.

“By requiring strong authentication, users and email security systems can have increased confidence in the source of emails, and senders will be able to leverage their brand trust and provide their customers with a more immersive experience,” wrote, Karthik Lakshminarayan, Director of Product Management, G Suite Security & Controls.

Google will start testing the pilot project in the coming month from a limited set of users.

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