Google ads new features

Google ads new features will help small businesses


Google ads have rolled out some new features which will help small businesses in the COVID-19 crises. Users can now sign-up for Smart campaigns and run ads directly from Google ads mobile app on Android and iOS. The feature is currently available in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Spain, Netherlands, and Japan.

They can check the performance of their ads directly from the Google search app. If you signed in with your Google account and search “Google ads” or “My ads”, it will show you the performance of your ads. In addition, Google will also recommend most search keywords related to your businesses. You later use those keywords or remove the low performing keywords from your ads. It will be available to the users in the coming days.

Google ads performance check
Performance check from Google

To help further small businesses, Google Maps will display your promoted businesses in the square-shaped prompted pins. Users can click on those prompted pins and check the pickup, delivery, and other offerings. The feature will be available with a Google My Business profile in the coming weeks.

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