Google Allo: v21 update added the cropping tool


Google Allo v21 has added a cropping tool to the latest build of the App. It was missing until now from Google’s AI powered social messenger app. Well, it’s now here and users can download the APK build from the source link below.

The new cropping screen appears just after you select an image (or take a picture) to use as profile pic. It uses the fairly standard pinch-to-zoom interface with a bounding box that shows the part of the image you’re going to keep. Note that the aspect ratio is square for profile pictures, and they will be further clipped when they are displayed as circles.

Many users were urging for this feature on the Allo as it is standard feature for many other chat apps. In order to use the feature, users need to hover over to profile picture>> change picture>> select the picture or take a picture> option to crop > finish the upload.

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