Chrome 73

Google Chrome 73 is made available to users; supports dark mode on macOS

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Google rolls out latest chrome release version 73. The new release comes with loads of new features, including a dark mode for macOS, support for hardware media keys and PWAs.

Dark Mode for Mac

With Chrome 73, the browser can now automatically switch to a dark mode whenever the macOS dark mode is activated. Dark mode enables a black color-themed default page for new tabs, menus, interaction bars, and even background. The reasons for implementing this mode is to improve visibility in low light conditions, and also enhance the autonomy of devices. Dark mode is a color scheme designed to put less pressure on eyes when the device is used in dark lighting. The mode shows light-colored texts, icons and other UI elements against a dark background. This improves the text readability in dark resulting in less strain on your eyes when scrolling through the phone in dark.

Support for multimedia keys

With this feature, you’ll be able to use dedicated keys to play, pause, seek and cycle through tracks within the Chrome browser, in addition to the volume keys that affect the whole operating system.

Support for PWAs

Further, Chrome 73 also brings support for “progressive web apps” (PWAs) to macOS. PWAs are normal websites that can run as a separate native app on the underlying operating system. They use Chrome’s engine, and they can run even if Chrome is shut down.

Starting with Chrome 73, Chrome PWAs will now be supported on all desktop and mobile platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS, Android, and iOS.

Apart from above changes the new chrome update also does some bug fixes and performance improvements.

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