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Google Chrome is testing a play/pause button to shutdown auto playing media

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Google Chrome is working on a play/pause button which will shut down the video or audio content playing in any of the Chrome tabs.

The feature has been spotted on the Chromium, a Canary version of Chrome. Chromium has added a new flag (chrome://flags/#global-media-controls ) for Global Media Controls (GMC). The new flag will create a new button to the right of the URL if you have a video playing in any tab. By clicking on it, a large control pop-up will appear which lets pause, play, or skip forward/backward the video without actually going to the video itself.

To enable the GCM Play/Pause button, Chrome Canary users must enable the following flag: chrome://flags/#global-media-controls.

The feature will be very useful for shutting down annoying videos which starts playing automatically. Since the feature is still in the development phase we are not sure when the feature will be available for the public.

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