Google Chrome version 75 incognito mode

Google Chrome version 75 will prevent websites from detecting you in incognito mode

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Google is working on a fix for a FileSystem API that allows websites to identify users who accessed their websites in incognito mode. Google plans to fix the issue with the release of version 75 of the Chrome browser.

After the fix, when users access a website in incognito, they won’t be detected by the website itself.

The fix is already out there in Google Chrome Canary and you can try it right now.
In order to enable the feature

Go to the Chrome Canary and head to “chrome://flags”
Search for “Filesystem API in Incognito” flag.
Enable it and relaunch the browser.
There is a test site ( being created, which when visited through incognito mode after enabling the flag, you will see a pop-up message saying “it does not seem like you are in incognito mode”.

Browsing in incognito mode helps to protect your privacy to some extent and when compared with regular browsing mode. It doesn’t track or record browsing history and cookies of websites you visited during the session will be deleted once you exit.

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