Google Fiber accepting first signups for internet service in three Louisville neighborhoods

Google Fibre

Google Fiber has begun taking signups in Louisville, Kentucky, after a tumultuous process involving lawsuits filed against the local government by incumbent broadband providers.

AT&T and Charter both sued the metro government in Louisville and Jefferson County last year in an attempt to stop a new ordinance designed to give Google Fiber easier access to utility poles.

The lawsuits haven’t stopped the new ordinance, as AT&T’s was thrown out of court and Charter’s is still pending. But instead of hanging wires on utility poles, Google Fiber ended up burying the cables with a “microtrenching” strategy that is quicker than traditional underground fiber deployment.

Residents in the Portland, Strathmoor and Newburg neighborhoods of Louisville can now sign up for service. Google Fiber is also providing a gigabit connection at the Neighborhood House, a community center for children and families living in poverty.

Google is making available two initial levels of internet service — Fiber 1000, or F1000, which offers the ability to download or upload 1,000 megabits of data per second, and F100, or the capability to load into your computer 100 megabits per second. They, respectively, will cost $70 and $50 a month.

Google Fiber officials said that F1000 allows customers to stream, play and surf all they want across all their internet-connected devices – with unlimited use at no additional cost.

The premium F1000 service allows for streaming on 10 or more devices and the ability to download most high-definition movies in around 40 seconds.

They termed the cheaper F100 a reliable alternative for “budget conscious access to the internet.”

In addition, Google Fiber can make YouTube TV available for another $35 a month. That product features more than 40 conventional television channels, including all local network stations, plus other channels that are part of most basic cable packages such as ESPN. Users can watch live sports and record programs with no storage space limits. No cable box is needed.

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