Google Game Builder will allow you to build 3D games with coding knowledge

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Google announced a game builder that can be used to create 3D games without any prior knowledge of coding. Game Builder is a “card-based visual programming system” that lets users drag and drop different cards to end up building the game. Game Builder has its own ‘Creation Library’ or they can search for 3D models on Google Poly, Google’s own library of 3D models. Through Google Builder, anyone from beginner to expert can create the game.

However professional programmers can build their own cards with Javascript. Game Builder comes with an extensive API that allows you to script almost everything in the game.

Additionally, you can be teamed up with multiple game developers to build a game together. Your friends can even play the game while adding more details or customize it or add levels to the game.

Game Builder is currently available on both Windows as well as Mac users. Game Builder is developed by Google’s Experimental Project Area 120. It is still a prototype and Google will further improve it.

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