KaiOS users get Google Lens translation feature

KaiOS users get Google Lens translation feature


Now, KaiOS users in India can access the Google Lens translation feature via Google Assistant. The feature was initially launched for Pixel phone and later it expanded to the Android version of phones.

Google Lens was announced in 2018. It is a camera-based translation feature that can transcribe the text in more than 100 languages. In order to transcribe the text users need to point the camera to that particular text and it will translate it in real-time into a language in which you can read.

Google now expanded the Google Lens feature to KaiOS users. KaiOS is an operating system for low-end feature phones. It is used in phones like JioPhone and other popular handsets like the Nokia 8810 Banana phone. According to a report, currently, more than 100 million phones have KaiOS. The OS allows users to access applications like Facebook, Twitter, Google Assistant, The Weather Channel, and Google Maps.

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