Google Lens now available for iOS users

Google Lens now available for iOS users


Search giant Google launched a visual identification tool, Lens visual search feature to the iPhone users.  By tapping on the Google Lens icon, you dive straight into the camera at which point if Google recognizes something in the space that you tap on, the app will automatically populate search results for those objects.

Google Lens came out of the clutches the Google Assistant to be launched as a standalone app on the Google Play Store back in June with features like smart text selection. Google’s visual search feature is now rolling out to the Google app for iOS.

On initial launch, users will be asked to grant permission to use the camera for the app and agree to other terms and services. There’s also a tutorial on the ability to “Scan Text” and “Shop Smarter.”

Google Lens is beginning to widely roll out today, with users already spotting it in the Google for iOS app. Google Lens was previously available in the Google Photos app on iOS where the feature could recognize objects in images.

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