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Google Lens updates with plenty of new handful features


Google Lens is an image recognition app for iOS and Android. The tool helps people learn more about images and what they are visually looking at. Google Lens lets you use your phone’s camera to copy text from a sign, identify plants and animals, scan barcodes, and get details on a monument or building. Today Google announced new updates for its smart camera app.

1.) Google Lens allows users to copy text, string, or handwritten notes and paste it to any device with a signed-in Chrome browser.
2.) This feature will help you to learn new language and pronounce correct words. just point the Lens camera at a word and tap the listen button to hear it read out loud.
3.) The new Lens update offers an in-line Google search. If you don’t know the meaning of any word/phrase, then you can directly search that word or phrase in Google Search.

Google Lens is available as a dedicated app on Android while on iOS it is built within the Google Search app.



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