Google Meet Gmail integration

Google Meet integration with Gmail is rolling out to Android users


Android users now start receiving a Gmail update that comes with integrated Google’s video conferencing Meet app. For iOS users feature is available since last week.

Now users won’t need to go the dedicated app to schedule or join any video conference or meetings. They can do them directly via a dedicated Meet tab in the Gmail Android app.

The feature will be enabled by default as soon as the user will download the latest update from the Play Store. Users can also hide the Meet tab by unchecking the option under “Show the Meet tab for video calling” under “Meet.”

The feature is available to both G Suite customers as well as personal users. But non-G-Suite users’ calls will be limited to only 60-minutes. Also, free meetings will be limited to 100 participants in a group only and it won’t offer landline dial-in numbers for meetings. These limits will be applicable starting September.

Google claims that all Meet meetings and conferences are encrypted in transit, and all recordings stored in Google Drive are also be encrypted.

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