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Google resumes roll out of Chrome v79 update


Google released the new Chrome v79 update a few days back but halted the update due to a bug. Now the search-giant has resumed rolling out a Chrome v79 update after a fix. The critical bug wiped out data in select applications that use the WebView framework.

Google later acknowledge the bug and found out that the WebView component of Chrome was the main culprit for the bug. Now the bug has been fixed so the users can download the latest v79.0.3945.79 version of Chrome, Google said. Google also assured that all previously lost data will be restored.

Version 79 comes with lots of new features and security updates. It introduces a safe browsing feature. Google Password Checking Extension compares your username/password combos against a database containing more than four billion leaked credentials. If it detects that a username and password on a site you use is one of over 4 billion credentials that have been compromised, the extension triggers an automatic warning and suggest that you change your password. The list refreshes every 30 minutes. Version79 now offers multiple profiles support.



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