Google to hire 3800 new employees for customer support job

Google to hire 3800 new employees for customer support job

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The search giant has announced to hire new employees for customer support jobs. Currently, Customer and user support, such as answering calls, product troubleshooting, and campaign set-up, has been handled by third-party companies on behalf of Google.

“In 2018, Google announced a pilot program to enhance customer and user support by bringing some of these jobs in-house, so the work is undertaken by employees. Based on the great feedback we’ve received on that program, we’re expanding—by the end of 2020,” Google Operations Centre Vice-President Troy Dickerson wrote in a blog.

As part of the plan, Google will hire 3,800 new employees for Mississippi, India and the Philippines. Currently, Google has 1,000 employees working in Google Operations Centers. After the hiring total strength will reach 4,800.

Employees will provide extra benefits and wages including three weeks of paid vacation, up to 22 weeks of paid parental leave, free meals and comprehensive health care (medical, dental and vision coverage). They can even participate in local culture clubs.



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