Wimbledon Easter egg game

How to play tennis game in the google search engine

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To celebrate and honor Wimbledon Google has added a Wimbledon Easter egg game that you can play right now in Search.

After typing in “Wimbledon,” or “#Wimbledon” look for the small tennis ball in the search results box next to the “Mixed Doubles” option. The game is available for both the desktop as well as Google mobile app.

To start the game just tap or enter on the tennis ball icon. To change the position of your player use your left/right arrow keys on desktop, and tap on the left/right side of the court on mobile. You don’t have to do anything to hit the ball, it’s very much like a game of pong, except your player is the paddle.

After Wimbledon is over, the game will still appear in results when searching for queries like “Wimbledon 2019 scores,” according to Google.

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