Snapchat lenses now support voice commands


Snapchat now allows users to search Snap lenses with your voice commands. The new ‘Voice Scan’ feature is powered by SoundHound which offers its own voice assistant technology.

“We are thrilled to be one of Snapchat’s first Scan platform partners and voice-enabled one of their most powerful features,” SoundHound co-founder James Hom said.

To use it, just press and hold and say “Hey Snapchat” to summon the assistant. For instance say, “hey Snapchat, turn my hair pink,” to activate the filter that turns your hair pink.

With the new feature, users can say things like “hey Snapchat, turn my hair pink,” or “hey Snapchat, make me a potato,” and the app will automatically bring up a corresponding lens. Voice Scan automatically identifies which way your camera is pointing and based on that it shows the filter. If your camera is in the selfie mode, then it shows filters related to your face, eyes, and hair. If your camera points the other way round, then it gives filters according to the environment. Voice Scan can also be used to play games and play music.

Voice Scan is an extension of the Company’s Scan filter. The scan filter is similar to the Google Lens. Just point your camera to the object it will scan and give valuable information. Currently, Scan is used to identify plants and dogs. Snapchat claims that its Scan filter can identify around 400 breeds of dogs. The company is also planning to add food in the Scan objects, by later this year.

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