Sundar Pichai is the new CEO of Alphabet

Sundar Pichai is the new CEO of Alphabet


The trillion-dollar mammoth got its new CEO. On Wednesday, the founders of Google Sergey Brin and Larry Page stepped down from their roles as president and CEO respectively. They both founded Google around 21 years back. Sundar Pichai will now lead both Alphabet and Google. Sunder is the CEO of Google since 2015. He joined Google way back in 2004.

“While it has been a tremendous privilege to be deeply involved in the day-to-day management of the company for so long, we believe it’s time to assume the role of proud parents—offering advice and love, but not daily nagging!” Page and Brin wrote in a blog post on Tuesday.

Sergey Brin and another co-founder Larry Page will remain shareholders of the company and on the Board of Directors following the new changes. Both still control the company through their shares. As of April, Page held 26.1% of Alphabet’s total voting power, Brin 25.25% and Pichai less than 1%.

Sundar was born on 12 July 1972 in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. He did his BTech from IIT Kharagpur and MS from Stanford University after completing his MBA from the University of Pennsylvania, USA. He did join Google in 2004.



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