This is how Uber Air taxi looks from inside

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Uber showed off the interior of its airborne taxi at Uber Elevate, Uber’s flying taxi conference in Washington, D.C. Uber is planning to launch somewhere in 2023.

Uber unveiled the interior of the cabin that was designed by French aerospace company Saran. There are four passenger seats, arranged two-by-two. Seats are fixed they don.t recline. Behind the second row is little space for storing luggage. It can fit up to four medium-sized luggage bags.

UberAir Interior

A recessed strip of LED lighting around the roofline projects a white light when the doors are open for boarding and turns blue in flight mode. Uber-designer tries to make the taxi as light as possible as it will be operated by batteries.

UberAir Interior

“Together with Safran Cabin, we’ve designed for the first time in history, a bespoke aircraft cabin that is truly mission-driven for aerial ridesharing on Uber Air,” said John Badalamenti, Uber Elevate’s Head of Design.


Uber is planning to test it in 2020 and is hoping to launch the taxi service in 2023, starting in Dallas, Texas, and Los Angeles, California.

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Blue lighting is gives the feeling of pubs😂😂


We don’t need this kind of service. Just maintain the public transport very well


Lol. There is no space for luggage. Why the hell someone go for it.


It will only work in crowded cities


Looks very less spacious. I think it will be good for 15-20 min of ride. Not more than that