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YouTube is working on TikTok compititor called ‘Shorts’


YouTube is reportedly working on a new feature inside its mobile app and that will compete with TikTok. The new feature will be called ‘Shorts’ and could arrive by the end of the year. Similar to TikTok, Shorts will offer the experience of Short videos.

As per the report from The Information, the Shorts will show the feed of super-short videos. YouTube’s Short will have several advantages in comparison to TikTok. The Shorts can take advantage of extensive license music and soundtracks while creating videos. The other big advantage is that users already have thousands and millions of subscribers so they don’t need to direct their fans to migrate to another app. Also, YouTube has a better monetization system than TikTok which will encourage YouTube’s subscribers and influencers to use the feature and make short videos.

YouTube is worried due to the rising popularity of TikTok. The management of YouTube thinks that users could leave YouTube and migrate to TikTok. TikTok has over 600 million users globally out of which 140 million comes from India. TikTok allows us to make videos of up to 15 sec and giving stiff competition to Facebook, Instagram, and other social networking platforms.



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