Fitness apps that can keep you stay healthy during Coronavirus lockdown

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Due to Coronavirus people are staying at home to curb the pandemic Coronavirus. Amid Coronavirus, all fitness hubs, yoga centers, and gyms are shut. In this lockdown period, you can do some physical activities and exercises at home to keep yourself healthy and fit. Here are the best fitness apps to keep you motivated to stay healthy. It is a health and fitness app developed by the two ex Flipkart executives Mukesh Bansal and Ankit Nagori, in 2016. The app offers ‘Workout at Home’ and ‘Workout at Center’ facilities. It also offers live classes and you can join those live classes and do your workout along with the trainer. The live classes provide fitness formats like strength, cardio, yoga daily.

It can be accessed via mobile devices as well as desktops. The live sessions are offered by celebrities from sports, Bollywood, and Hollywood. Currently, it has around 130 centers across the country.

Gold’s gym: It is a fitness and tracking app whose aim is to keep you stay healthy during Coronavirus lockdown. The app offers diet and nutrition plans, workout plans, and exercise. It also shows Gold Gym centers nearby you. Users can track the progress via the app. All exercise and workout plans are created with the advice of fitness experts and dieticians.

Gold Gym

Once you take the membership, dietician and fitness trainer will give you customized diet plans and exercises. Also, you can track your daily progress with the help of an app.

Nike Run Club: The app gets the Editor’s Choice for the best fitness app on the App Store. It is basically a running tracker app. You can use it to run better and track your running via GPS. You can set your daily or weekly goals and based on your goals, the app generates customized coaching plans.

Nike Run Club

It gives you feedback based on the parameters such as pace, distance, GPS rate, heart rate, elevation, and more. The app hosts weekly or monthly fitness challenges and you can participate in those challenges to win awards and trophies.

Adidas training: The app offers workouts that you can do anywhere and anytime without any type of equipment. It provides fitness training workouts that can help to lose fat, gain strength, and build muscles.

Adidas Training

Various fitness experts and trainers record their workout videos to guide you through for exercise. You can watch fitness videos on mobile devices, as well as Apple TV.

HealthifyMe: It is a nutrition and calorie counter app. It offers you customized meal plans to keep you stay healthy and fit. The app features customized meals and diet plans by experts and dieticians. You can track all your meal plans via the app. The app also offers fitness expert help and you can connect them to one-to-one guidance coaching.


It is available with three subscription plans:

1. ₹499/month
2. ₹2599/6 months
3. ₹4999/year

Home Workout: The app gives curated fitness exercises and workouts as per your need. It helps you to build muscles, lose fat, and gain strength. The app has workouts for your abs, chest, legs, arms, and butt as well as full-body workouts.

Home Workout

Every exercise is designed by experts and you don’t even need the equipment to do those exercises

Daily Burn: The moto of the app is ‘Fitness for Every Body.’ It has multiple fitness programs such as lose weight, gain strength, build muscles and tone your body. Users can live chat with fitness experts and trainers and guide them for proper exercise.

Daily Burn

The app provides thousands of exercises including yoga, cardio, dance, dumbbell strength training, pilates, meditation, and more.

Peloton: It offers fitness routines for home as well as outside locations. Its workout includes indoor and outdoor running, strength, yoga, HIIT, meditation, and more. The classes can be streamed on mobile as well as desktop devices.


The app allows you to track fitness goals and earn your medals and badges for completing them. All peloton programs are 4 to 18 weeks long.

Neou: The app provides live and on-demand workout classes from fitness studios and world-class trainers. It features Class Types including Dance, Bootcamp, Barre, Spinning, Treadmill, Elliptical, Yoga Pilates, Core, Boxing, Stretching, and more. Class length varies from 5-minutes to 90-minutes. You can choose classes according to your need.


The app adds new classes every day. It includes dance classes by Vixen workout and Jane Do, Boxing classes by Kick it by Eliza, and E3 with Elena Moffa, yoga classes by Align & Flow with Kendra Thomas.

Fastic app: It is one of the most popular fasting apps on the App Store. It helps you to maintain your weight and lose extra fat from the body. The app offers 12 different fasting plans. It shows you the body status and let you know what happens when you fast. The app gives around 400 delicious and healthy recipes that you can eat during fast.



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