How to block unwanted calls and messages on iPhone

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Spam calls are a headache to most of the people, So they preferred to block those spam numbers instead of attending and wasting time. iPhone offers various ways to block spam numbers or emails. There are four ways to block numbers and mail-in the iPhone.

Via Phone: Select the phone number from your recent call list and tap on the ‘i’ icon placed at the right of the contact. Then tap on ‘Block this caller’ and confirm it by tapping on ‘Block Contact.’

block unwanted calls-step 1 Block unwanted calls-step 2 Block unwanted calls-step 3

Via Message: Open the messages app and select the contact number. Tap on ‘i’ icon and tap on the Name of a Phone number. Then select ‘Block this caller’ to block them.

Block unwanted calls-step 4

Via FaceTime: Open the FaceTime app and tap on the ‘i’ icon. Select ‘Block this caller’ and confirm to block the contact.

Block unwanted calls-step 6 Block unwanted calls-step 7

How to view or unblock blocked contacts

*Open the Setting and tap on phone. Select ‘Call Blocking & Identification’ to see the blocked contact list.
*Go to the Settings and open the Messages. Tap on ‘Blocked’ to see the list.
*Go to the Settings and open the FaceTime. Tap on ‘Blocked’ to see the list.

To unblock any number, just swipe to the left across the contact. Since your Blocked list is shared across all the above three apps. You don’t need to remove the contact from each and every app. If you unblock any number from any of the above three apps, then it automatically unblocks from everywhere.

When you block someone’s contact number, then that person’s call will directly go to the Voicemail. They can leave a voicemail message and it stored under the Blocked Messages section inside the Voicemail app. You can later access them via the voicemail section of the phone app.

Blocked FaceTime calls or Blocked messages won’t show in your iPhone device.



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