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How to schedule email messages on Gmail

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Gmail is one of the most used email application in the world. It equipped with lots of features and utilities. One of the most important features which Gmail recently got is ‘Scheduled emails.’ You can schedule emails up to 49-years from your personal as well as corporate Gmail accounts. The feature is available both on the web version as well as on the Gmail app.

From Gmail in your browser

1.) When you are done composing the mail, click on drop-down arrow placed right side to the send button
2.) Click the arrow and then click “Schedule send”

Step 1-how to schedule messages in Gmail
3.) A new menu will pop-up. You can select predefined slots or you can manually select the time slot by clicking on the ‘pick date & time’.

Step 2 how to schedule message in Gmail
4.) Select the date and time and click ‘Schedule send’. A message box will appear in the bottom left corner that says “Send scheduled for…”
5.) Of course, you can undo message if you accidentally send the scheduled message

Schedule feature for the Gmail app on phone or tablet

1.) Tap on to compose new email and tap on three stacked dots placed at the right side and select ‘schedule send’
2.) It will open a new window, select date and time, and tap the ‘schedule send’ button.
Once you press the schedule send button a message box will appear in the bottom-left corner that says “Send scheduled for….”

Delete scheduled emails

1.) Go to the Scheduled tab in the main menu

Step 3-how to delete schedule emails Gmail
2.) Open the scheduled email and click on the cancel send. A draft of the email will be saved in the draft.

step 4 how to delete message


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