How to use Keyboard as mouse in Windows PC

How to

Sometimes, if your mouse stops working and you have to do something very urgent. Then, in that case, you can use a keyboard as a mouse and do your tasks. This method is applicable to Windows PC with OS Windows 10/Visa/XP.

How to enable from settings

Head over to the settings

Keyboard as Mouse-Step 1
Click on Mouse and enable “Control your mouse with Keyboard”. Adjust setting like “Pointer speed”, “Pointer acceleration” as per your need

Keyboard as mouse-Step 2

Enable from the control panel

Open Control Panel and navigate to Ease of Access–>Ease of Access Center

Click on “Make the mouse easier to use”

Mouse as keyboard-Step 3

Turn on the options “Turn on Mouse Keys” and “Turn on Mouse Keys with left ALT+left SHIFT+NUM LOCK”

Mouse as keyboard Step 4
Change other setting Pointer speed, acceleration and click on Apply

Mouse as keyboard Step 5

How to move the pointer using keys:

7 – Up and to the left.
8 – Up
4 – Left

9 – Up and to the right.
6 – Right

1 – Down and to the left
2 – Down
3 – Down and to the right

Click items

Point to item, press and hold “/” (selects left button), and then press “5” – Clicks item
Point to item, press and hold “-” (selects right button), and then press “5” – Right-clicks item
Point to item, press and hold “*” (selects both buttons), and then press “+” – Double-clicks item

How to drag items

Point to item and press “0” to Drags item

How to drop options

Point the location to move an item, press “.” (decimal point), and select the Move here option.

Dragging and dropping

To drag and drop any file/folder, simply first select, drag, and then open the context menu and choose the move option.



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