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Adobe is testing live streaming to its apps

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Adobe is testing a live streaming feature that lets artists and creators live to stream their editing skills with the fans. Adobe announced the feature at the annual Adobe Max creativity conference.

The feature is currently being tested with a set of small numbers of whitelisted users on the Adobe Fresco painting app. The feature uses a go-live button a “go live” button which generates a sharable link that anyone uses to watch and comment on their streams.

“When you see a live stream of someone in our products, you want to know what tool they’re using — when they use the tool and when they stop using it — almost like a form of the waveform of video,” The Verge quoted Belsky.

Currently, Adobe users use third-party apps like ‘Behance’ and ‘YouTube’ to stream using the Adobe Live feature. The new feature will eliminate the requirement of third-party apps (YouTube and Behance) for live streaming.

There’s no detail as to when this feature will be rolled out to everyone, and when it will be shipped to other apps in Creative Cloud.



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