Dropbox's Free Storage Plan Now Limited to Three Devices

Dropbox to let users transfer up to 100GB of files at once

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Dropbox allows users to share a file as large as 100GB. It is testing a new feature called Dropbox transfer which will let users share large files to others.

Users will be able to drag and drop a file into Transfer and then send the other person a link or a generated email. The other side person can download the file even if they don’t have a Dropbox account. Recipients will receive copies of the files, so the copy of your original will remain the same. You get notified when the person downloads the files.

You can even customize your files like setting the password or adding an expiration date to the file. You can even see how many times your link is accessed with viewership stats.

Users will be able to customize their Transfer download page with a different background or artwork or can set their own image.

“Delivering large files or collections of files to colleagues and clients is a challenge,” Dropbox writes. “While sharing through Dropbox is great for collaboration, sometimes you want to just hand off files without having to worry about permissions, ongoing access, and storage.”

Dropbox Transfer will begin beta testing with select Dropbox customers and will launch soon.

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