Fitbit COVID-19 study

Fitbit unveils a study to detect COVID-19 symptoms


Fitness wearable maker Fitbit launches a new COVID-19 study to test whether it can early detect infectious diseases like flu or COVID-19. It will help determine whether a company can develop an algorithm that can detect COVID-19 before symptoms start.

The study is available to the people of the US and Canada and who are over the age of Canada. Users need to answer a few questions to participate in the study. People’s answers will be paired against the Data gathered by the Fitbit to identify the pattern. Participation is totally voluntary and users can withdraw whenever they want.

How to participate in the study

To participate in the Fitbit study, users login into the Fitbit app
Tap on the Discover tab, and select ‘Assessments & Reports’ section
Tap on the ‘Fitbit COVID-19 Study’ to answer the survey questions

Early detection of the flu could stop the infection among people and help doctors treat it better way.



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